New public build, v0.1.26.0!

New public build!  The new encounter is the Angel,  who appears at the fort-like structure about midway through.  There's also now armor - which has made some encounters more difficult, and some easier.  There's a bestiary on the Pervert screen, which now also displays enemy CG, some new interactions with the Gadgeteer, reduced food cost for easy exploration, and some new story mode encounters (patron build only).  The new world map appearance is in the next update, but sneak peek of it for now. :D

Version: - "Armored" update 

  • New features:
    • Implemented armor!  For purchase at the blacksmith
      • Armor currently has three slots, covering two places - upper body and lower body
      • Doll on battle screen shows where armor is 
      • Armor is hit/broken by attacks with the proper height
      • Armor worn on the leg must be destroyed or removed before underwear can be destroyed or removed
      • Lower body armor/underwear that obscures the backdoor must be removed or destroyed before anal penetration in most cases
    • Pervert screen bestiary
    • Can now view CG for different characters on the Pervert screen
    • Added new "Inventory" screen, accessible from the world map
    • HP/Stamina/Stability/Bleed/Armor changes in battle for a given turn now appear on the UI
    • Some sex stats are now visible on the character screen
    • Job class now shows on character screen
    • Status effects like bleed now display on the Character screen, as well as character health
  • New content:
    • Angel encounter (encountered in the second fort-looking place)!
    • Harpy story mode encounter!
    • Brigand story mode encounter!
    • Ogre story mode ogre encounter expanded
    • New Gadgeteer (Merchant) branches, including a new game over!  Can now revisit the Gadgeteer
    • Trudy cowgirl art added
    • Implemented a new spell - Weakening Curse, currently story mode only.  Halves enemy strength for its duration, which increases with Magic score
    • Displays in battle under opponent's paper doll
    • Added more in battle dialog for enemies
    • Added clubs - weapons that don't cause bleed - to the shop in skirmish mode
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:
    • Reduced food cost!
    • Tweaked world gen for more encounters
    • Reduced knockdown on ogre's "Smash" ability
    • Added "Rip" ability to Ogre for removing lower body armor and underwear.  Ogre will also now wait much longer before grabbing you
    • Story mode shopkeep now gifts you a large potion
    • Fixed spider facesitting
    • Renamed "Bird Lover" to "Cuckoo for Cuckoo"

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