New public build, v0.1.27.0!

New public build!  The new encounter is the Naga, who gets her own cave.  Also a new world map, and hopefully a more stable experience for Android.   Permanent saves, skip and auto play buttons, a quest log, shields, accessories, new perks, brothel enhancements, and a full questline to conquer a boss-level enemy!  And now satisfying enemies in encounters will also yield experience!

Version: - "End of Days" update 

  • New features:
    • Permanent save files
      • Accessible from the World Map and Encounter Screens
      • 10 slots available currently
      • Can save during encounters
      • Load on the Main Menu now displays the Save/Load screen
      • Added Quick Load to world map
    • New world map UI/UX!
      • Includes some tweaks to the world gen to guarantee encounters appear
      • Terrain, trees, rocks, shadows, water, lilies, some cloud tweaks and a more cohesive map in general
      • Reduced travel times
      • New sounds
      • Fixed a longstanding bug regarding being able to click on buttons that had clickable items under them
    • Implemented skip text button during encounters
    • Implemented auto-play button during encounters
    • Implemented Quest Log (viewable from World Map)
    • Implemented shields
      • Blocking or Guarding now can reduce damage by full, three-quarters, half, or a quarter (parrying is similar)
      • Shield will eventually break after sustaining enough damage - blocking will still parry for some amount of damage
      • Shields can be purchased from the blacksmith
    • Implemented accessories
      • Hunger Charm can be found and equipped from a certain cache if your scouting score is high enough
      • Magical stat-boosting charms can be purchased from the Witch's cottage after you've procured the goddess' blessing from her
    • Added perks for increasing Perception, Magic and Charisma
    • Can now see perk descriptions by hovering over them on the Character screen
    • Replaced spider cum with eggs
    • Starting armor now dependent on class
    • Level gain now displays when you level up in an encounter
  • New content:
    • Naga encounter!
      • She can wrap you up if you're on the ground - you won't be able to escape unless you can overpower her or she runs out of stamina
      • She has a very different set of encounter possibilities if you scout out her cave beforehand or not
    • Started to enhance the brothel
      • Added new Brothel Madame art and scenes
      • More options
      • Lady of the Night doesn't cause a game over as quickly, and gives warning in advance, so more prostitution can be done on each playthrough
      • Kissing/handjob/oral/anal Brothel encounters!
      • Each has an associated skill which effects payout/outcome
      • Can now give service in the Brothel twenty times
    • Implemented Bunny Anal art
    • Implemented Town Crier questline
    • Implemented Town Square
    • Added Witch's Cottage
    • Added Mount Xiuh
    • Added new boss encounter
    • First Companion encounters
      • Need 8 Charisma
      • Need 2 Magic to get the reward for Kylira the Elf's
    • Added some new armor pieces
    • Sex perks got a rename, and "Cock Lover" perk was added
    • Added cave background for Spider and Naga battles
    • Added Angel battle background
    • Some enemies have alternate climax skills now
    • Added Game Over music
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:
    • Added experience gain to satisfaction endings for various encounters
    • Fixed Focus Energy - this skill, which regenerates mana and increase endurance, was not previously working properly
    • Modified standing/recovery techniques so that they can only be used when they won't cause immediate collapse
    • Enemies can still knock you down immediately through stamina destroying attacks or just unbalancing if you don't have your footing
    • Techniques used in a downed state will no longer display in red
    • Lowered armor score for enemy armor
    • Reduced Orc's stats slightly
    • Increased starting mana
    • Fixed issue where new character skills didn't appear on old save files
    • Fixed a bug on android that caused animations to be rendered with improper textures
    • Fixed music lingering bug
    • Prevented results screen from duplicating results
    • Fixed a technique display bug
    • Added some clarity to error messages
    • Changed default resolution
    • Fixed crash bug when player character has no actions
    • Fixed harpy hanging in the air instead of divebombing
    • Enemies will no longer initiate sixty-nine on a chastitied character
    • Adjusted some battle UI elements to prevent overlaps
    • Bunny/Puca now shows on Pervert screen
    • Updates to credits screen
    • Typo fixes


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 300 MB
Feb 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 300 MB
Feb 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 292 MB
Feb 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 300 MB
Feb 01, 2018
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 249 MB
Feb 01, 2018

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I Honestly love this game to death it is one of kind, keep the good work up luv ya ♥

Wow, this update is huge! You guys really put a lot of effort in to this update, it's the best and biggest one yet! Keep up the good work ^^