New public build, v0.1.28.0!

New public build!  The new encounter is the Mouth Fiend, who gets her own questline.  This update and the next one, currently available on the Patreon, are big ones - we've made huge progress since the start of the year.   In this update, we did a big overhaul of how arousal works, and therefore sex combat, feminization, hiring from the brothel, enhanced world map movement, a major overhaul of skill selection (make sure to click the arrows to see all the skills available in the different stances!), a seduction stance with associated seduction skills, background art, a bunch of sounds, new items, more perks, a grapple indicator, a scouting indicator, new font, reduced load times dramatically and Improved Meat.  We also added a Goblin animation and Werewolf Anal art.  Enjoy!

Version: - "New Dawn" update

  • New features:
    • Arousal received a major update
      • Different enemies now have different fetishes and are aroused accordingly
      • Lust is now separate from arousal, and is a percentage, building up over time and only reduced by cumming - affects combat strength and impacts encounter branches for high or max lust - lust is visible on Character screen
      • Lust effects enemy behavior - e.g. Trudy will submit if you seduce him right
      • Fixed receptive anal not causing arousal without Weak to Anal perk (Weak to Anal still doubles said arousal)
      • The player character's fetishes change accordingly with the various perks, causing additional arousal and higher lust reduction from orgasm
      • Seduction techniques arouse someone based on their type - seducing someone (or arousing oneself) by appealing to a desire to be topped or bottomed anally or orally, for instance
      • Ejaculating now reduces stamina by a large amount
    • Added feminized portraits (need very high Cock Lover perk)
    • Can now hire girls in the brothel
    • Can now move to distant areas on world map by clicking on them - projected path is displayed on hover/touch
    • Major overhaul of skill/perk/magic selection interface
      • Now displays what the maximum level of a skill/perk/spell is
      • Displays all skills a character can use, even if they aren't upgradeable
      • Skills now also have a short description describing their intended use
      • Skills are displayed by stance - toggle with arrow buttons and left/right arrow keys
    • Slight improvements to class selection UI, including + and - buttons and class descriptions, as well as some new sounds - Gave character customization screen a facelift and added cock size selection
    • Encounters now have background art in general
    • Implemented a help screen with info
    • Implemented armor info on hover in battle, can see remaining durability and armor absorption
    • Can now unequip equipment by clicking on the equipment slot
    • Implemented alternate Game Over screens - currently Mouth Fiend is the only one
    • Added cums sounds to combat
    • Added statuses for low HP/Stamina or high lust to the battle screen, reduced how much an impact these have on current Strength
    • Current scouting score displayed on world map screen (little eye icon)
    • Added time display to encounter screen
    • Added level display to world map
    • Button width of choice options now varies dynamically
    • Grapple indicator
  • New content:
    • Implemented full Mouth Fiend v1.0 questline.  To access:
      • Get banned from the Brothel (hire Daisy or Rose and force them after failing their respective Charisma checks: Rose is very easy to fail)
      • Visit the Town Square
    •  Implemented goblin animation (male and female goblins)
    • Added werewolf anal art
    • Implemented Seduction stance and a suite of techniques to use in it
    • Added some new anal sex topping techniques, as well as stroking skills while receiving and some new fighting skills
    • Added bomb items, available for purchase at the Witch's cottage
      • Magic bomb that deals high damage to an enemy, ignoring armor (useful for Ghost)
      • Magic bomb that knocks the enemy down
      • Magic bomb that destroys the enemy's armor
    • Added new combat learnable perks (Quickfooted, Combat Finesse, Sunderer, Versatile, Cum Drinker)
    • Added "Top" perk that increases arousal from being on top
    • Added more combat dialog (particularly for Quetzal)
    • Added more dominant sex dialogue
    • Added more sounds across the board
  • Tweaks and bug fixes: 
    • Reduced load times across the board
    • Can now initiate grapple or otherwise pounce on enemies from Balanced or Offensive stances, as long as other conditions are met
    • Attacks while knocked down will no longer destabilize a character, helping to avoid stunlocks
    • All Catamite checks in encounters now replaced with either having Catamite, Anal Addict 3, Cock Lover 8+, or Lust > 75
    • Lowered enemy base defense
    • Reduced damage and bleed of Overrun (making it easier to knock down enemies without killing them)
    • No longer causes instability to use an item
    • Goblin facesitting now more common
    • Orc victory now gives experience
    • Changed font
    • Improved meat
    • Updated the goblin animation
    • Weakening Curse now available in Normal mode
    • Replaced world map buttons with separate placeholder
    • Adjusted some battle UI locations for better readability
    • Harpy animation fixes
    • Some music fixes 
    • Fixed Ogre screen position
    • Encounters are now easier to generate, which should reduce future encounter bugs
    • Removed Town Square from story mode to avoid quest confusion
    • Fixed bug that allowed you to ride unrideable enemies
    • Fixed Well Rounded perk
    • Fixed some stances not triggering erotic text
    • Fixed battle hover - now properly displays stat modifications by status
    • Typo fixes and some slight scene rewrites
    • Made it so that on certain encounters MC's portrait resets and added arbitrary portrait swapping capabilities
    • Fixed crashes on android
    • Removed some old obsolete assets to reduce download size 
    • All encounters should now take chastity cage into account


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 314 MB
Mar 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 314 MB
Mar 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 306 MB
Mar 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 314 MB
Mar 01, 2018
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 261 MB
Mar 01, 2018

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