New public build, v0.3.11.0!

New monthly public build! 

Version: - "Glory" update

  • New features:
    • Can now pet additional doggo
    • Resolution options are now dynamic
    • Resolution autocorrects on game startup
    • Added the ability to send a player back to a previous location via "toll" encounters
    • Added new Predictable status debuff and associated counter skill bonuses
    • Added new "Disarm" skill separate from Riposte, which no longer disarms
    • Added Spanking stance
    • Added World Map area location names
    • Good camping tiles offer more health recovery
    • Added Victory Screen
    • Added Fisting and Fisted tracking
    • Added backup save file store in the event of save file corruption
  • New content:
    • Added new Warlock Portal Questline scenes
      • Added Camp scene (similar to goblin camp scene trigger)
      • Added Brigand scene
      • Added Catgirl scenes
      • Added Tavern scene
    • Added Demon King facesitting art!
    • Added Goblin Date scenario!
      • New anal (top and bottom) scenes
      • New anilingus scenes
      • New oral scenes
      • New ass to mouth scenes
    • Added backgroundless Goblin topping art
    • Added Fire Elemental Doggy art!
    • Added new Goblin Date gloryhole scenes
      • New "game" to play there with a bunch of different scenes
      • New oral begging scene
    • Added new Goblin Date inn scene
    • Added new Hiro Victory art
    • Added new combat dialogue (Spanking stance)
    • Added camp tile icon
    • Added Ghost Wedding Anal animation!
    • Added Victory music
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • Updated Battle music
    • Fixed speaker tags
    • Fixed Werewolf battle crash
    • Improved counter damage significantly depending on how much "Counter" is earned
    • Improved Mountain Man racial ability
    • Updated Game Over music
    • Adjusted encounter locations
    • Fixed crash in story mode near ogre
    • Minor text edits
    • Fixed typos


Tales of Androgyny Win.rar 1 GB
Sep 01, 2021
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 1 GB
Sep 01, 2021
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 1 GB
Sep 01, 2021
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 1 GB
Sep 01, 2021
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 1 GB
Sep 01, 2021
TalesOfAndrogyny.jar 1 GB
Sep 01, 2021
Changelog.txt 155 kB
Sep 01, 2021

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How do you open the file for Mac?

Hi is it possible for there to be a difficulty setting cuz im honestly sick of getting killed all the time to have to find food and all that while I am here for the contents you bring and the story it hard to get off when you have to use strategy all the time or you have to reload?

complete the achievements in ironman mode and then when you start a new game you can have bonuses which make gameplay easier. also getting food is much easier later in the game or i should say that you have more options. Your character can always drink cum, they can become a mare and just stay in there racking up food and money working there and use a town portal scroll from the second town Monsters or portal spell from the warlock to get back with like 2000 food, you can get dryads apples, steal food from stores. food cart spawns, food caches, brigand cottages, harpy egg nests, sleeping ettin meat by not waking them up, and using the hunger charm to reduce it. If you are in the beginning of the game, you can go and use the slower metabolic rate class with no companions and a hunger charm to slow your consumption rate and practically live off of blowjobs if need be, but I wouldn't worry about it later on.

Is the gobbo date chance?

i cant get serki to date how mutch i try

This breaks it for Macs with retina screens. The game becomes larger than the screen and it's not possible for you to scroll to change the resolution.

Can't reach the "change resolution option"

Do note the only way I've been able to run the game for quite some time is to launch it but running Java in the Terminal and taking the jar file inside the app itself.

search for the tales-of-androgyny-preferences file and modify the height and width entries to something smaller, like 800 width and 600 height.

Ah took a bit to find.

For anyone else trying to fix this:

It was in the directory I was in when I ran Java in a hidden directory labeled ".prefs"