New public build, v0.1.29.0!

New public build!  The new encounter is the Mermaid, the guardian of the river.  As we alluded to last time, this update is very big mclargehuge, featuring respawning encounters, optionally failing checks, oviposition and egg pregnancy, colon/rectum/sphincter statuses, Dignity, Willpower, new spells, world map changes, improved debt, a bunch of UI changes and options, new items, brothel topping, goblin and orc rematches, belly animation, new perks, new sex sounds, and uh, more stuff!  Phew.

We also added a Werewolf animation and Orc pronebone animation and Naga Anal art.  Enjoy!

Version: - "Incubating" update

  • New features:
    • Areas that have been previously visited eventually spawn new encounters
    • Encounter checks can now be manually failed if you first succeeded at them
    • Implemented oviposition and egg pregnancy mechanics
      • Lowers agility
      • The more time passes, the more the eggs gestate - you'll receive periodic notifications as time passes, and also be able to check on your status in the Quest Log
      • Eggs now display as belly fullness
      • Goblin eggs now implant and can be fertilized by certain enemies
      • Spider post-"lover" oviposition now not a game over - has extended scenes
    • Implemented colon, rectum, and sphincter statuses
      • Cum fills the rectum until it overflows into the colon
      • Eggs similarly fill the rectum and then colon
      • Sphincter gets looser with use and rubbed raw 
    • Implemented Dignity 
      • Dignity now lowers as you do fun things, particularly monsters and monster pregnancy and working in the Brothel
      • Currently no way to restore Dignity
      • Dignity has few effects currently, most notably appearing in the expanded Mouth Fiend encounter
    • Implemented Willpower
    • Implemented Reforge spell - restores armor
    • Implemented Oil spell - makes enemy slippery and flammable
    • Implemented Gravity spell - makes enemy heavy
    • Hovering over available skills now provides more detailed information like projected damage and armor destruction before factoring in enemy defensive skills and armor 
    • Combat bars now update in color and drain/fill over time
    • Elf and Adventurer are visible from and can only be encountered via the world map now - will no longer be automatically be encountered after a designated time
    • Implemented basic Femininity
    • Implemented fog of war 
      • Areas that haven't been visited or scouted are visually distinguished
      • Hidden nodes can be scouted to access them
      • Scouting level of an area is now preserved - if you scout out an area and then move away from it, it will stay scouted at the highest level it's been scouted at
    • Improved debt
      • Now compound interest
      • Can take out up to 200 gold
      • Added cooldown to debt collection encounter
    • All UI elements now hide when pressing tab or clicking the new "Hide" button during encounters
    • Implemented a level up bar on the world map and encounters
    • Added portrait swapping on the world map
    • Added portrait swapping during many encounters to have Hiro better react to what's happening
    • Implemented player character able to use full nelson stance
    • Implemented encounters giving bonus skills, perks, and soul crystals
    • Implemented perks that require a higher level - Specialist is the first of these
    • Log display in encounters now has a backdrop for readability and displays choices and checks as well
    • World Map color and shadow shifting now happens gradually
    • End of battle now displays battle results - end of encounter similarly displays results of any battles during that encounter
    • Added a second town
    • Implemented carriages that will take you between towns
    • Can now wait in town
    • Overrun now doesn't cause bleed - implemented skills that don't cause bleed even with an edged weapon
    • Can now buy and equip footwear, armwear, and headgear that offers protection in certain encounters
    • Added tutorial tooltips that pop up the first time some event happens in battle
    • Can now toggle off makeup in the options screen
    • Hovering over a stance now gives a description of that stance on the skill selection screen
    • Added an Event Log to the quest log - displays when (and sometimes to who) anal virginity was lost, pregnancies, etc.
    • Added a healthbar to the encounter HUD
    • World Map hover display now occurs next to highlighted area
    • Added a Patron-specific credits screen
  • New content:
    • Mermaid encounter
      • She shows up in the river, and acts as a potential gateway to the far side
      • High charisma will let you avoid fighting her
      • She has an ovipositor - be forewarned
    • Slight expansion of the story mode merchant encounter
    • Added Orc story mode encounter
    • Can now top in Brothel
    • Added Naga Anal art
    • Added Werewolf animation
    • Added Orc Prone Bone animation
    • Added belly animation
    • Split up Goblin female and Goblin male encounters
    • Goblin female can now be rematched
    • Orc can now be rematched
    • Added a lot of new Mouth Fiend art
    • Mouth fiend encounter received expansion and alternate ending
    • Added a Town Portal scroll
    • Added Forager perk that improves foraging
    • Added a takedown ability to move a full nelson grapple to the ground
    • Added Kick Over skill to balanced stance - will kick an enemy on their back onto their belly and vice versa
    • Can now receive Blitz Stance in story mode by defeating ogre and returning the artifact you discover beyond it through scouting to the class trainer
    • Added Easy to Please perk
    • Werewolf now uses "mating" skill
    • Added an option to scout out the werewolf encounter to avoid it
    • Added new sex sounds
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:
    • Decreased most load times considerably
    • Skill selection page now more obviously displays other selection panes
    • Added/modified sounds on skill selection and fixed text alignment
    • Pathfinding improved - will always find the visually shortest distance, making it easier to predict what path will be selected
    • Made enemies arouse slower unless teased
    • Gave certain enemies the Sudden Advance skill
    • Combat bars fully drain empty when empty
    • Changed stability display
    • Modified some attack sounds
    • Fixed some music queues
    • Increased experience requirements for higher levels
    • Status Effect list now displays proper labels
    • Fixed cum drinker in battle
    • Fixed a bug with toggling log display
    • Fixed bug when starting in a grapple stance but no grapple status
    • Fixed some town backdrops and music
    • Improved weapon display text
    • Stick encounter no longer pops
    • Hitting Escape while selecting skills now returns you to the character screen rather than the Main Menu
    • Did a major refactor of skills, which should make it easier to add new ones and create more consistency between what the enemies and player can do
    • Fixed some OpenGL 2.0 crashes - FBO extension crash may still occur if you run the game with your installed java version (any Java 8 update > 45)
    • Fixed name select field display in the Character Customization page
    • Fixed world map generation that caused areas to spawn offscreen
    • Fixed Werewolf Anal not displaying in Pervert screen
    • Fixed level up display bug
    • Fixed some blank displays on the battle screen


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 343 MB
Apr 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 343 MB
Apr 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 335 MB
Apr 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 344 MB
Apr 01, 2018
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 293 MB
Apr 01, 2018

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Having fun with the update. thought id point out two things I noticed. First after getting impregnated by the female goblin even after the eggs get flushed out the belly indicater/icon will still show you as still being egged and wont fix itself until you give birth to them from the mermaid side. also noticed that when you have too much equipment (like 10+ hunger charms) it will eventually cover up your items list making it hard to click on and use items from the inventory.


Hey - the next version fixes both of these (we added the ability to drop items and eggs should properly flush)