New public build, v0.3.21.0!

New monthly public build! Next month's public build will include some nice performance enhancements, so stay tuned!

Version: - "Feminizations" update

  • New features:
    • Added new Plug upgrades!
      • Snug
      • Vibrating
      • Studded
      • Control
      • Heated
      • Chilled
    • Pervert Screen now displays Hiro's current customization on Hiro entries
    • Added Profile Import/Export for Android
    • Added support for Spine binary files to reduce load times (binary files added next weekly)
  • New content:
    •  Added Hiro Feminization (Warlock) art!
    • Added Generic Pronebone animation!
    • Included in a bunch of scenes
    • Added a close-up variant as well
    • Added new Tavern Gangbang animations!
    • Includes caged and cum variants
    • Also includes a close-up pan
    • Added Generic Autofellatio animation!
    • Simultaneously assfucked variant
    • Added to Autofellatio stance in battle
    • Added new story mode bandit camp infiltration encounter
    • Added new Urka Companion ass-eating scenes
    • Added new Tentacle Witch virgin thick tentacle scene
    • Added new Wasp Nuptial cowgirl impure scene
    • Added background to Hiro Pre-Anal art
    • Added new Plug variant mini-scenes
    • Added Snug related scenes
    • Added Vibrating related scenes
    • Added Heated related scenes
    • Added Chilled related scenes
    • Added Trudy scenes
    • Added Slime scenes
    • Added Brigand scenes
    • Added Goblin scenes
    • Updated Foreboding Encounter music
    • Updated Urka Fight music
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • Fixed a crash when a language is elected with no associated language pack installed
    • Fixed a translation key
    • Fixed a delay on standing anal animation
    • Fixed an issue with mana regen
    • Fixed Tentacle Witch scene repeat
    • Fixed encounters JSON formatting
    • Adjusted some story mode checks
    • Reduced Scouting score necessary to bypass Mimic to 4 from 5
    • Fixed some behaviors when changing resolution
    • Removed unused assets to reduce file size
    • Minor text edits


Tales of Androgyny Win.rar 1 GB
Jul 01, 2022
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 1 GB
Jul 01, 2022
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 1 GB
Jul 01, 2022
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 1 GB
Jul 01, 2022
TalesOfAndrogyny.jar 1 GB
Jul 01, 2022
Changelog.txt 176 kB
Jul 01, 2022

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On android the game crashes wall after a battle or going into a battle when you have most of the abilities unlocked especially when fighting the Giants

I'm sorry to post here again, and I see in the bug fixes that a translation key was fixed, and JSON formatting was fixed, but I'm not sure if that was targeting the "herself" problem I'm still encountering (at least with the unicorn).  It's really hard for me to play the game with enemies constantly being referred to as "herself" instead of a grammatically correct "her," as an example: "Herself arhythmic thrusting in and out of your asshole is emasculating!"  I don't know what the bug is, but as I said before, it popped up sometime within the last half a year.  I really don't want to wait until the September update to play the game, please notice me senpais.


I was hoping that the crash rate on android would be better but instead every five actions in combat now crashes it immediately.


The changelog is an entire version behind still. Here is what I believe is the current changelog:

New features:

  • Added Exhibitionist perk

New content:

  • Added Hiro Facesitting animation!
  • Added Exhibitionist in town square scenario

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed generic anal grit caged text display on pervert screen
  • minor text edits

How does lewdzone have a more up to date version?


If you check the downloads on LewdZone, they don't have any newer versions of the game. However they do have newer versions of the changelogs.


It's normal that game eats almost 5Gb of ram after few hours of playing?

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes, the game load assets to memory so it can access to them without loading them again, but I think the game need to be optimize when it comes to memory utilization. I don't know if that's possible, not a game developer.

nice balls 👍