New public build, v0.1.20.0!

New public build!  The new encounter is the Drow Beastmistress, and there's new art for Urka.  There is also now an Android build!

Version: - "Cat-like Grace" update

  • New features:
    • New stances - reverse cowgirl and prone-bone
    • Can now scroll through all available skills in a given stance
    • Stability is now a sequence rather than a number
    • New android build!
    • If no attacks are available, there is now a "Do Nothing" option
  • New content:
    • Drow Beastmistress encounter!
    • Orc pounding art for prone bone stance and in encounters
    • Loading screen art updated
    • Town background art updated
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:
    • Stats > 10 no longer cause crashes on character screen
    • Fixed scrolling in battle text (click and drag)
    • Enemies should no longer get stuck with negative stamina
    • Fixed which enemies will sit on your wang (sorry, no more power-bottoming ogres)
    • Unicorns now permanently erect, as they should be
    • Increased the size of branch buttons
    • Goblin(Male) has male pronouns now
    • Refactors to reduce potential future bugs


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 259 MB
Jul 02, 2017
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 259 MB
Jul 04, 2017
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 251 MB
Jul 02, 2017
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 259 MB
Jul 02, 2017

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