New public build, v0.2.05.0!

New public build! New encounter is the Minotauress - check out the changelog below!

Version: - "Labyrinth" update

  • New features:
    • Added Multi-enemy combat 
    • Hiro now pops up as a speaker when talking during encounters
    • Added status messages for changes in anal elasticity and other such things
    • Can now choose to start at the Outpost instead of the beginning of the second map
    • Added a carriage between the Outpost and the first town
    • Can now right click to hide UI in encounters and battle
    • Character screen now displays both current and base stat totals
    • Added pagination to Pervert screen
    • Added descriptions for all of the options on the options screen
    • Added hover over descriptions for bonuses on bonus screen
    • Areas that formerly said "Beyond" now state their destination
    • Added a new encounter module that will allow the player to use items mid-encounter
    • Added hi res image support for full screen on large monitors, hi res images haven't been added yet
  • New content:
    • New Minotauress encounter
      • Minotauress art added
      • Minotauress breast smother art added
      • Multiple sex scenes, depending on whether you fight, talk, or traverse the labyrinth
      • Has some variation based on cage status
      • Located beyond the outpost on the second map
    • Dullahan encounter expansion
      • Can now become the Dullahan's girlfriend
      • Dullahan reacts based on your previous interactions
      • Script from the original scene has been expanded
    • Dual vampire preview fight added
    • Hiro x Trudy x Kylira scene in the camp site
    • Urka x Hiro x Trudy x Kylira scene in the Inn
    • Trudy and Kylira art - Includes variants with Urka and with Hiro
    • Futa+ centaur encounter 
    • Futa+ Inn encounter
    • Added Dullahan mating press art
    • Cultist ritual encounter with new art
    • Expanded Gadgeteer encounter
    • Hiro is now animated, with variants for each class!
      • This also, incidentally, applies for the Doppelganger, both in and out of combat
      • This is reflected on the character creation and character/inventory screens as well
    • Added Hiro animation to main menu
    • Added silhouette animation to main menu
    • Added labyrinth background image to Minotaur encounter
    • Added Dullahan battle music
    • Updated Golem battle music
    • Updated Mermaid music
    • Updated Ghost music
    • Added dialogue to Brigand battle
    • Added dialogue to Goblin battle
    • Added dialogue to Dullahan battle
    • Added dialogue to Trudy battle
    • Added misty forest background to certain encounters
    • Added a new custom cursor
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:
    • Fixed ogre text
    • Fast World Map option pared down more for better performance
    • Fixed werewolf seen flag for Church
    • Tweaked loading and option screens
    • Fixed Dullahan option display
    • Tweaked character customization UI
    • Improved the performance on the world map
    • Scene names on the progress screen are now pretty printed
    • Updated opening animation
    • Preloading now occurs if it's active in the options menu and you press "P" on load, so players won't be locked out
    • Fixed screen transitions so that they now smoothly transition instead of having animations "stick"
    • Tweaked UI on Main Menu
    • Changed Ironman mode text
    • Moved the text location for town and camp screen
    • Adjusted enemy locations on the Pervert screen to better display them
    • Increasing your magic score improves mana after character creation
    • Tweaked the character creation UI
    • Fixed selection colors on bonus screen
    • Fixed "Show" and "Hide" labels on encounter button
    • Fixed overlaps on character screen
    • Fixed typos


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 489 MB
Nov 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 489 MB
Nov 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 481 MB
Nov 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 489 MB
Nov 01, 2018
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 451 MB
Nov 01, 2018

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Iv been enjoying this game ever since i saw, and i just logged on to see whats happening and i missed out on alot of updates,

Love the game and been a big fan of your work. Not sure if bug for mobile, but I met all requirements for goddess quest, with the last being the witches cabin, but I cannot click on mountain icon. It seems locked even though inning newest version. Any help is welcome.

Mac version is still broken!

For anyone who wants to play on Mac, you can play the Win64 version so long as you install Java first (SE8 or 9), just double click the .jar file to launch the game.

Epic update, thank you! 

Wow ;3