New public build, v0.2.06.0!

New public build! New encounter is the Ritual Impregnation - check out the changelog below!

Version: - "Spooked Horses" update

  • New features:
    • Replay encounters added!
      • Activate the "Cheat" option in the options
      • On the World Map, an "Encounter" option will appear - select that to be taken to the selection screen
      • Uses your current character's stats for the encounter
      • Encounters with persistent progress can only be reset by starting a new character currently
      • Most encounters are available, including random encounters and one-off encounters (but not story mode encounters)
    • Pervert screen now displays an "UNKNOWN" entry if you haven't discovered a character
    • Choice options locked by quest status
    • Cum now drains over time outside of battle
  • New content:
    • Ritual Impregnation scenario
      • Requires virginity
      • First encounter with Cultists will involve the dark ritual scenario now, must stealth or be in daylight to avoid
      • Added optional repeat encounter
    • Centaur ending
      • The game now plays in a sort of extended game over state, and there is currently no way to get a game over from this state (but there will be)
      • There is both a daytime and a nighttime scene
      • Two named Centaur to "date" and "marry"
        • Anal, oral, and topping options available for Ella, a Centaur archer
        • Anal and oral options for Jack, a Centaur scholar
      • Exhibition scene in town
      • Save money and unlock more options
      • New centaur internal shot art
    • Added new Trudy camp sex encounter
      • Includes pronebone art and new background
      • Available at maxed relationship with Trudy in Camp by meeting with him and selecting "..." - 
    • Added Gadgeteer animation
    • Added new Gadgeteer dildo scene (when Anal Addict score is low)
    • Added Trudy pronebone art in battle
    • Tweaked some existing art
    • Kylira animation
    • Dullahan animation
    • Added Elf Lady animation
    • Added more options to start with ranged combat
    • Updated Brigand Oral art
    • New Grapple technique: Ass Crush
    • Added new centaur music 
    • Added click sound to main menu selection
    • Added scenes for other requests you can make of the Brothel Madame for the first bounty reward (facesitting)
    • Added new Deep Casting stance
    • Added a bunch of new spells
      • Combat Heal and Combat Fire are now usable without incanting
      • True Heal and True Fire fulfill the roles that Combat Heal/Fire formerly did
      • Ultra Heal and Ultra Fire use the new Deep Casting stance
    • Added the Withdraw ability, letting the player put distance between them and opponents
    • Added a Judo Throw ability to force an opponent to the ground after winning a standing grapple, ending the grapple
    • Added a Face Punch attack for dealing damage out of a grapple
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:
    • Swapped out futa ogre art in a few places where it's appropriate
    • Fixed remaining ogre battle pronouns
    • Fixed a crash bug with font generation
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from getting out of the orc prone bone animation on the Pervert screen
    • Removed some extra options on the werewolf on the Pervert screen
    • Hides speaker name when toggling encounter UI
    • Werewolf story mode encounter now properly has a game over for defeat
    • Werewolf story mode has a virgin check
    • Fixed Trudy plug appearance/disappearance
    • Fixed Giantess hoard farming
    • Pervert screen text now displays above characters
    • Fixed typos


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 516 MB
Dec 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 516 MB
Dec 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 508 MB
Dec 01, 2018
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 517 MB
Dec 01, 2018
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 479 MB
Dec 01, 2018
Changelog.txt 81 kB
Dec 01, 2018

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I wish the chastity cage was pictured in the sex art when you are wearing it, for example, the werebitch loss scene you can clearly see Hiro's dick, but there is no chastity cage pictured

(1 edit)

there is no animation or image when I managed to beat / ride the Futa girl (except the Goblin)? so animation or lewd images only appear when the player is defeated, or still in progress?

I overall have a huge question. Failing the game what are the prerequisites because I wanted to do a playthrough where I seduce all the monsters and let them violate me but I notice with the werewolf after 4 times it becomes an auto game over if you seduce. Can anyone give me a list so I can try to do what I want to do without getting a game over.

I go to options, click Cheats, go start a new game, yet food goes down and I see nothing about an "encounter" option.

Cheat mode only works on the patron build, actually. The option's been removed from the public build as of 2.07.

Will it ever be available for those of us that are not Patrons in the future? Or will it forever be Patron only?