New public build, v0.2.08.0!

New public build! New encounter is the Ettin, a one-two punch knockout of an ogre gal with personality to spare and also massive dongus to spare. In this update the world map got a new coat of paint (in the current patron update, the battle UI similarly got an overhaul), and the world gen algorithm was improved to avoid gaps and other problems.  We also added alternate text for wearing a chastity cage to most of the remaining encounters, as well as alternate premature ejaculation text.  There's a new Brothel Schoolgirl roleplay scene if you're in chastity as well, and if you max out your time working in the brothel, you now properly class change to Prostitute with an appropriate outfit.


Version: - "Locked Up" update

  • New features:
    • Added mana to character screen
    • Battle screen now displays raw stats rather than stepdown
    • Main Menu now stops ambient sounds
    • Story mode now uses the same graphics as adventure mode
    • New map gen algorithm to try and eliminate gaps and over-crowded maps
    • Prevented overlapping or bunching of encounters
    • Different road types
    • Added water blending and shading
    • Roads now orient themselves in less geometric ways
    • Class changing is more fully implemented
    • Added an option to change font color
  • New content:
    • Ettin encounter!
      • Scene for being caught
      • Scene for insulting them
      • Anal scene choice/combat defeat
      • Oral scene choice/combat defeat
      • Combat is only victory/defeat right now, no other outcomes yet
      • Kylira scene
      • Trudy scene
    • Ettin art
    • New dialogue for having a cage equipped
      • In brothel (as worker)
      • Orc encounter
      • Bunny encounter
      • Werewolf encounter
      • Harpy encounter
      • Warlock encounter
      • Dullahan encounter
      • Fire Elemental encounter (hot!)
      • Ogre encounter
    • More text in ogre encounter
    • Added premature ejaculation dialogue to several encounters
      • Harpy encounter
      • Brigand encounter (both victory and conversation routes)
      • Goblin encounter
      • Orc encounter
      • Trudy encounter
      • Mermaid encounter
    • Expanded Goblin anal topping scene
    • Added some minor ending scenes to the vampire encounter
    • New ambient sounds for naga, werewolf, and beastmistress
    • Brothel schoolgirl-roleplay scene
    • Fire elemental caged defeat scene
    • Fire elemental mating press art
    • New encounter tiles
    • New ground tiles
    • New road tiles
    • New Schoolgirl Hiro outfit
    • New Prostitute Hiro outfit
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:
    • Oral knot ending now increments Knot Eater perk and displays art
    • Fixed mana allocation bug that was causing 0 mana issues when learning skills
    • Fixed soul crystals display
    • Fixed one ambient music crash bug
    • Fixed ambient sounds on brothel werewolf gangbang scene
    • Can no longer click through the UI on the world map
    • Fixed Incantation occurring on characters that shouldn't have it
    • Fixed magic being taken away erroneously
    • Changed button sizes so choices wouldn't fall off the screen 
    • Made Ettin more prominent on second map
    • Ettin anal scene now displays properly
    • Added Trudy goblin bang to Pervert screen
    • Fixed a lot of typos


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 581 MB
Feb 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 581 MB
Feb 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 573 MB
Feb 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 582 MB
Feb 01, 2019
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 548 MB
Feb 01, 2019
Changelog.txt 86 kB
Feb 01, 2019

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