New public build, v0.2.09.0!

New public build! With a battle UI overhaul! You can see the new UI above, and we've also added android error support (next update has some more android support, including an easier to access top menu and larger skill buttons). There's a new Lewd Order encounter, Warlock expansion, Orc Doggy and standing-style art, Mare and Queen and Lewd Schoolgirl Hiro skins, Minotaur and Slime animation, Wasp expansion, a bunch of new scenes, genital descriptions in the bestiary (that get more detail and number adjustments in the next patch), and a new elite Harpy variant.

The battle UI is completely new, has a lot more information on it and has allowed us to make major progress on battle systems and battle adjacent systems - the patron build this month has a pretty huge update.  One of the main improvements is the status effect display widget, which gives insight into a status effects... effects, its magnitude, and is a quick visual indicator. The change pop-ups are more prominent now, the armor paper doll is cool-looking and comprehensive, there's an ammo display, a lust display, an Outcomes widget that shows you the potential battle outcomes, the battle UI now supports multi-enemy combat and there's a new font that we're starting to use in other areas of the game as well.

There's also important fixes in this patch and the next one, but for now, enjoy!

Version: - "Old Familiar Faces" update

  • New features:
    • Totally redone battle UI
      • New enemy character portraits which will be used for chatter as well - some enemies are using a generic portrait temporarily
      • Almost everything in the battle UI now has an appropriate tooltip describing its function on hover or touch
      • New bars with demarcations for status effects
      • New status effect bar with a list of all status effects and their numeral levels (hover/touch for new descriptions)
      • New balance widget with visual indicators
      • New battle UI background
      • New Armor/Weapon dolls that shows all battle equipment slots and their current durability (highlight for damage reduction and more info)
      • New Outcomes pull-out widget that graphically represents potential encounter outcomes
      • New ammo display
      • New stance-change widget to show stance outcome
      • New bar for tracking arousal till next arousal level
      • New lust widget
      • New background for tooltips and combat log
      • New assets and adjusted layout for skill selection
      • New hide/show battle UI widget
      • New nameplates
      • In multi enemy combat, UI now swaps out to show whose turn it is (mini UI for the remaining combatants is planned but not implemented)
    • Centaur now have limited arrows
    • Added Surrender skill instead of designated button (used in Kneeling stance)
    • Added Arrows for use with a Bow
    • Cock width and girth by species
    • Semen volume by species
    • Added support for Surrender endings while also defaulting Surrender endings to be Defeat endings
    • Added Remove Curse scroll to revolving inventory for monster shop
    • Added a learneable skill that allows for surrender on the first turn of combat (Balanced stance)
    • Tutorial tips that pop now form an orderly queue
    • Added android error handling
    • Added hotkeys for most things on World Map and some for Character/Inventory screens
    • Added multiple foreground image/animation support
  • New content:
    • Lewd Order Encounter!
      • Need to have been impregnated by the Dark Goddess (lose your virginity to her)
      • Located on the second map in a set location
    • Warlock expansion!
      • New repeat encounters depending on how you end the first encounter with her
      • Anal addiction magic repeat encounter with multiple scenes
        • Another Warlock sex scene
        • Option of a gay scene or a demon scene
      • Cock addiction magic repeat encounter with multiple scenes
        • Another Warlock sex scene
        • Four options post sleep-over
      • Topping hypnosis scene expansion
    • Orc Doggy art
    • Queen (Kitty) Hiro
    • Mare Hiro
    • Added new Harpy encounter
      • New elite Harpy variant
      • Has a different game over scene
    • Added story-mode Orc run scene (a big one, check it out)
    • Added Orc Doggy art to encounter
    • Added Minotaur animation
    • Added Slime animation
    • Added Lewd Schoolgirl alternate animation (schoolgirl scene)
    • Added Wasp Story encounter
    • Added Orc blasting art
    • Added new genital descriptions in the bestiary
    • New Harpy Elite defeat scene, focused on oral
    • Added descriptions for every stance
    • Expanded adventure mode Wasp scenes
    • Added a Brigand forfeit divergence
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • Defaulted agility ties in stance-forcing situations to player successes
    • Fixed crash bug with doppelganger based on new classes
    • Fixed story mode Fort and other encounter appearances
    • Fixed story mode map placement
    • Buttons on main menu are no longer selectable before they're visible
    • Fixed many typos
    • Moved Hiro to be more in line with other characters on Encounter screen
    • Footwear, armwear and headgear refresh in durability at the end of combat
    • Moved de-equip button to prevent text overlap
    • Withdraw increased in cost
    • Can no longer use certain skills while in chastity
    • Fixed arrow crash bug
    • Fixed repeating lines in wasp story mode encounter
    • Fixed Brigand oral image in battle
    • Tweaked location of witch's cottage in story mode
    • Fixed shop crash
    • Added orc doggy/standing art to pervert screen
    • Added Trudy/Kylira POV shots to pervert screen
    • Inventory screen position fixes
    • Increased start gold bonus
    • Fixed goblin phallus display desyncing
    • Fixed mute toggle for ambient volume
    • Fixed knotting endings
    • Prevented grappling mismatches when a character tripped
    • Fixed crash bug


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 599 MB
Mar 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 599 MB
Mar 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 591 MB
Mar 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 599 MB
Mar 01, 2019
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 566 MB
Mar 01, 2019
Changelog.txt 90 kB
Mar 01, 2019

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Anyone figured out how to get the extra warlock sex scene? I've been looking for a while now but can't find it.

(1 edit)

Just wondering, was i banned or blocked for some reason on patreon/discord? the new month turned over and i found myself out of the discord and patreon says i don't have permission to pledge. Was looking forward to the pony tier update. Sorry for making so much noise there.

Did I do something wrong?


Not going to lie, I'm already missing the old UI quite a bit. It was simple and easy to read. If you're going to change the colors of something that's supposed to have text on top you need to use contrasting colors, so that the numbers "pop" and are easily read. That was the whole reason you added black text to the post encounter/results text box isn't it.? The white text on white/green health bar is tough to read (same goes for the Mana bar). Granted health text gets easier to read the lower you go but health should be readable at all times. 
I also prefered the old Stability bar rather than white text on a mostly white image where the text also covers the image that's supposed to represent your balance. Is there actually 9 Status effects you can have active in a fight? Cause if not it'd be nice to see one of those bubbles gone and replaced by a Stability bar. As well as possibly increasing the size of the text/bars so again they can be more legible and not compressed so much, they're practically half the size they used to be.

Another recommendation for the end of an encounter is to have an arrow, checkmark or something to point to the way the battle was ended. From what I could tell it was just the image slightly highlighted compared to the others.

I love that surrendering doesn't zero out your health anymore, but could you PLEASE add a confirmation request to it? Or maybe assign Surrender actions their own key?

I keep accidentally surrendering when my options change unexpectedly.


Would it be possible for the 'beg' option  on the balance stance to not be learned by default? Sometimes i accidentally select it because it's on the main stance.

The 'surrender' option on the kneeling stance is ok.

BTW if you use the deep enchanting stance, and you have no magic that uses it, you then go on a Soft Lock in which you can't do anything but wait to die (and if the enemy doesn't want to kill you, you can't continue the game and need to create a new character, if you are playing on ironman which i always am).

That's odd, Beg was supposed to be learnable and not innate, but it's set as innate. Surrender is supposed to be the one you know automatically. Deep Casting should only be accessible if you have skills in it, and that's fixed in the next version already.

oh nice 😁👍🏻