New public build, v0.2.10.0!

New public build! 

Version: - "Dignified and Pure" update

  • New features:
    • Virginity is now tracked for most characters in the game, not just combatants, so you can lose your virginity to the lizard woman
    • Added Advantage status effect, which has been added as a bonus effect to certain skills and benefits certain other skills while active
    • Added Weapon Grip, replacing the old disarming function
    • Weapon grip regens every turn based on Strength
    • Weapon grip is damaged by parrying or disarming skills or attacks that hit the wrist
    • Added Strong Grip perk
    • When disarmed, you can now re-equip your weapon by going into item stance
    • Footshots now destabilize opponents, rather than trip
    • Headshots now cause Daze, which accumulates into Stun
    • Called Shots now have multiple levels to learn
    • Skills now require certain stats, rather than level
    • If the next attack has been perceived, the predicted outcome on skill highlight is more accurate
    • Full multi-enemy support on the UI
    • Hovering over a character's paper doll now displays all armor score values - highlighting a given piece changes the value's color
    • Simplified grapple outcomes, which fixed a few subtle bugs
    • Results of grapples now reported in combat log
    • Grapple indicator also reports current grapple status on hover in the tooltip
    • Can close pop-up dialog by clicking on it
    • Stance switching now has a little animation
    • Change value widgets now grow and shrink smoothly
    • Weapon statistic reporting is now directly tied to weapon statistics; some more information is available
    • Sounds now play on successful or failed checks
    • Can now fail negative perk checks you've passed manually
    • Differentiated wet and dry food sounds to remove the "Monch Cronch Goo" effect
    • Added World Map random seed selection on the the starting game bonus screen
    • Added Sphincter and Rectum displays on the Character screen
    • Sphincter irritation and gape now based on phallus girth
    • Sphincter and Rectum status now pop-up on battle screen when they change
    • Greatly expanded sexual history back-end and displayed more sex-statistics on the Character Screen
    • A virginity analyzer
    • Count of ejaculations due to bottoming (anal/oral)
    • Count of topping sex (vaginal+anal/oral)
    • Total semen volume in ass/mouth
    • Arousal and Level Up events now are displayed with icons in the log
    • New Dignity tiers have been added
    • Ways to recover Dignity have been added, including combat victory
    • Purity has been introduced, a statistic which impacts whether Hiro will desire certain acts along with the existing perks, which effectively boost it for particular acts
    • Femininity is now controlled exclusively by feminizing activities, rather than by sex acts, although the broken
    • Mars symbol is still driven by them
    • Cheat mode now allows you to continue your game after Game Over (though be wary of Centaurs; without a Town Portal Scroll, there isn't yet a way to recover from that ending) 
    • Naga can now engage in erotic combat; as we add support for it, characters that currently don't engage in erotic combat will be able to
    • Ejaculation amount for calculating rectum/colon fullness now determined by bestiary-listed output with adjustments based on context
    • Can now scroll in the inventory
    • Crank Master, Blowjob Expert, and Perfect Bottom now increase the effectiveness of their respective "skills"
    • Added stat requirements for equipment
    • Added Nipple Teasing
    • Created phallus types for non-combat NPCs
    • Changes to ammo supply now show up as events in the log
    • Added enemy lust indicator
    • Added average size option for Hiro
    • Added more descriptions for status effects on skills, particularly spells
    • Expanded the descriptions and individual traits for erotic skills
    • Five random scenes are now displayed in the Progress hint section rather than one
    • Can now see locked Achievements on Progress screen
    • Added stances to the skill learning menu, including advanced combat stances and many erotic stances
    • Added an option to skip tutorials
  • New content:
    • New Orc sex scene on first meeting: offering yourself as a replacement
    • New Orc Mating Press art (found in new scene and missionary stance in battle)
    • New Beastmistress Hunter encounter
    • "Sleepover" sequence
    • "Hunted" sequence
    • Added Werewolf and Beastmistress character portraits
    • Added Gadgeteer Cage Locking art
    • Added "Activated" status effect icon
    • Added Ettin Anal art
    • Expanded Ettin anal scenes
    • Updated Minotauress animation
    • Added a ton of new combat dialog to most characters
    • Added second town to story mode
    • Short intro scene
    • Sperm Bank location
    • Extraction sequence
    • Milkshake sequence
    • Added Gadgeteer pegging art
    • Added tentacle display to tentacle trap encounters
    • Added phallus display in Rectum status during combat
    • Centaur camp town caged variant
    • Added Fire Elemental idle and attack animations
    • Added Harpy Topping Doggy-Style art
    • Added a spanking sound
    • Added a bunch of new erotic skills with new attributes
    • Added a lot of new battle dialogue based on the new erotic attributes
    • Added new armors (to the Monsters Town shop for now aside from the Chastity Belt and Ball Gag)
    • Added Lacy Panties that increase Charisma
    • Added one-piece Lingerie
    • Added Full Plate armor
    • Added the Indestructible Shield
    • Added Chastity Belt
    • Added Ball Gag 
    • Centaurs now provide arrows instead of additional bows if you already received a Centaur bow
    • New Menu arrows
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • Changed the swallow sounds
    • Fixed virginity articles (no longer will you lose virginity to "An Urka")
    • Moved the Perk list location on the Character screen
    • Fixed quest status for story mode Witch Cottage
    • Did a big update on the Pervert screen to make sure most of the CG art for relevant enemies is on there - non-battle character CGs are next
    • Removed erroneous tripping warnings while grappling
    • Modified the locations of some story mode encounters (story mode Orc no longer required to progress, for instance)
    • Fixed Weapon widget crash if no weapon was equipped
    • Increased combat log size
    • Fixed Ogre softlock
    • Tweaked semen amounts and cock sizes and added more phallus types to account for the variety in game
    • Weapon Damage has overall been increased
    • Tweaked the stepdown function so that higher stat totals now receive an effective boost
    • Made a bunch of tweaks to skills
    • Careful Attack now has a block modifiers
    • Tempo Attack and Crushing Blow can now be leveled up
    •  Guard recovers less stamina
    • Second Wind recovers more stamina and has one level of Block
    • Feint Strike no longer gets damage bonus from outmaneuvering
    • Various enemies now have more armor pieces
    • Reduced defenses for Blitz, Berserk, and Haymaker primary abilities (Blitz no longer parries, Berserk now longer evades, and Haymaker does neither without Advantage)
    • Can no longer parry without a weapon (monsters have natural weapons)
    • High attacks and low attacks no longer parry each other
    • Reduced the hitbox for large encounter tiles, making it easier to click on nearby tiles
    • Grapples should have fewer synchronization issues
    • Fixed an issue that made it possible to desync sex stances
    • Fixed strong attacks that weren't causing any knockback
    • Ammo requirement in scenario choices now displays properly
    • Choice buttons now don't distort when stretched
    • Increased pulldown size on Android
    • Increased skill selection size on Android
    • Decreased load times
    • Lewd skills should generally increase arousal by less now; still more adjustments to come
    • Aligned arousal numbers in combat log and display
    • Improved duration of Gravity and Oil spells
    • Fixed Harpy Wife ending in original Harpy encounter (now unlocks achievement again and displays full scene)
    • Fixed shop restocking - now restocks by individual shop
    • Fixed shop menu position
    • Fixed an issue where equipping a cage wouldn't properly be reflected in the phallus display
    • Fixed Gravity spell so that it affects the enemy instead of player
    • Moved Mount Xiuh over so it was less likely to have other areas hidden behind it
    • Added Harpy Butt Hold to Pervert screen
    • Fixed some enemies (Elite Harpy, Quetzal, and Giantess) knowledge acquisition
    • A bunch of skills are now learnable rather than always being known
    • Moved which stance some skills are available in
    • Adjusted Assault and Overrun
    • Seduce is now usable in Balanced stance instead of Defensive Stance
    • Changed logo and Alpha build text
    • Fixed some leftover button widths
    • Flipped the arrows the right way on the Replay screen
    • Fixed some button highlighting
    • Fixed Blitz Attack and other Blitz skills being erroneously unlearned
    • Fixed chastity cage indicator when equipping/de-equipping a cage
    • Fixed crash bug with Gadgeteer and other non-phallus having individuals
    • Perk rank increases now display old rank -> new rank rather than a list of all gained ranks
    • Event display on encounter screen now has a properly stretching window
    • Character Screen now uses new font
    • Stat display was cleaned up a bit
    • Mac version should now have .app appended, allowing it to be run as an application
    • Fixed Golem Activate skill to properly have an indefinite duration, and displayed Golem "phallus" on game load
    • Fixed 0 stamina enemies from using one skill in Handy stance
    • Removed a flash of blue during splash screen
    • Fixed typos


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 611 MB
Apr 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 611 MB
Apr 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 603 MB
Apr 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 612 MB
Apr 01, 2019
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 580 MB
Apr 01, 2019
Changelog.txt 100 kB
Apr 01, 2019

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used to be able to do it from camp menu. Tried newest version and did not see it. I see the perk for it is still there. So how do we forage now? Is there a circumstance required now?

hello..... Anyone there? Anybody?

Is there any way to download old versions? My game's stuck in a weird cheat limbo where I don't have the option to turn cheats off, I can't get achievements and have no option to forage, but I can still run out of food

The app won't launch on mac even with running it on the command line>

Change the ui back please, it was better before

Has anyone found the Sperm Bank yet?

Ah, sorry, it's story mode only!

I'm disappointed in that, but I'm glad that I didn't just completely miss it.

P.S. Thanks for all your great work.

(1 edit)

The mac version of the game no longer works. The app will not launch, and instead of being a JAR file inside of it there's an executable that is corrupted. 

Edit: I goofed, the Jar file is in the Resources directory and I didn't look closely. So I can still run from the command line

The game still gets the music muted randomly in some fights. I thought it was a problem with the skip button but it still gets muted without skipping.

Thanks ;3

I can no longer "Maximize" or "Restore down" the game on Windows. Have to change the resolution size or select full screen.

There's a maximize resolution option in the next version.