New public build, v0.2.11.0!

New public build! This time we've got the Jester, who gets expanded in the next version (along with the inclusion of the Dark Knight, so look forward to her!) We also got a bunch of feature work this time around, including some nice new animation mixing, which works well with our new Warlock Anal animation (both doggy and pronebone!)

Version: - "April Fool's" update

  • New features:
    • Durability now shows on armor doll hover
    • Drunk combat endings (for both Hiro and opponent, right now some Hiro drunk endings are in)
    • Added Wine (General Store refreshable inventory)
    • Changed Drunkenness into a visible status effect 
    • Added a breast size option for character customization (no visual change yet) 
    • Semen volume now increases based on lust - Status effects now have both a duration and a magnitude, although all duration-based statuses are currently set to degrade 
    • Sex animations now play out multiple variations during battle, notable on the Orc Pronebone animation and the new Warlock Doggy/Pronebone animation 
    • Animations can now apply multiple skins at once, setting us up for appearance combinations and things like changing Hiro's hair/eye color or accessories
    • Some more virginity tracking - orc and centaur virginities
    • Added support for neutral status effects
    • Can now press "D" to end character customization as well
    • Can now select a Hiro class that will appear on the title screen
    • Added a Disarm tutorial tip
    • Added a 0 Damage Due To Armor tutorial tip
    • More attributes are listed for a given technique:
    • Grapple Type
    • Ignores Armor
    • Range
    • Some enemies can no longer spank because they don't have hands (or can feasibly reach Hiro's ass)
    • Added a maximized option to the resolution options (full screen without using a full screen display)
    • Cum enemas and swallowed semen now appear in the battle log, along with their own icon
    • Smoother animation mixing - noticeable on the Harpy, Centaur, and Fire Elemental, as well as the lust and mana orbs
    • Belly now displays sperm ingested in ml, as well as little spermie particle effect
    • Phallus now has little heart particle effect
    • Skill selection menu now has a quick-jump bar for the stances
    • "Apply" button on skill/perk/magic selection menu applies changes
    • Added virginity option checks
    • Arousal is no longer "sticky", and will smoothly transition between arousal levels, meaning large arousal gains can potentially increase arousal level multiple stages at once
    • Large hover tips on battle screen will now autoscroll so that you can read the whole thing
    • Added Mana Reserve system
    • Added Lewd Energy system
    • Currently only applies to Crushing Blow and Assault, increasing damage and disarm respectively
    • Lewd Energy is accumulated when the enemy comes - this is true for enemies as well! 
    • When the window loses focus on desktop builds, music and ambient sounds will pause
    • Added PC battle dialog separate from enemy battle dialog, including allies
    • A bunch of new lines for Hiro depending on battle events, more to come 
    • Trudy and Kylira's lines now show up separate as well
  • New content:
    • Added Jester encounter
    • Play a game with her - each one has a different punishment game to play
    • Combat defeat and drunk endings are currently turned off
    • Added Brothel Madame animation (with occasional jiggling booty)
    • Orc Drunk combat ending - Dullahan Drunk combat ending (depends on cock status)
    • Added some more existing images as Game Over images
    • Added Warlock Anal animation 
    • Added new variants to the Orc Pronebone animation
    • Added some extra lines in a few Orc scenes
    • Added new combat dialog to various characters, including knotty werewolves and nipple play dialog
    • Added more text to in-battle face-sitting
    • Added Hiro gangbang art (appears currently in ghost possession ending and pillory encounter from failing to steal)
    • Added new Minotauress standing anal art
    • Added a cum version of the Minotauress Anal art
    • New character portraits: Angel, Warlock, Mermaid, Wasp, Persephone, Helena, Giantess, Dullahan, Doppelganger, Quetzal, Minotauress, Fire Elemental, Ettin, Kylira
    • New inn scenes featuring Kylira
    • New Trudy cowgirl scene on loss 
    • New Ghost scenes, including a "marriage" ending
    • Added a werewolf surrender scene
    • Expanded Doppelganger description
    • Added new Hiro dialog in battle
    • Added new events in the log
    • Added new scenes in Pervert screen
    • Added Minotaur Anal art
    • Added Ogre Femme animation
    • Added animated colon display
    • New rectal cumshot images
    • Added Ghost, Golem, Ogre, Slime, Spider, Puca, Angel, Naga, Centaur, and Unicorn portraits
    • Added Dullahan anal virgin branch
    • Made Help Screen much more comprehensive, detailing info about lust and arousal, attributes, defense, equipment, status effects, and achievements
    • Added Mouth Knotted CG to battle, along with its x-ray variants
    • Added Doppelganger art
    • Gadgeteer Game Over (not perfect toy ending) expansion
    • Brothel Schoolgirl scene minor expansion
    •  More ally chatter in encounters
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • Beg is no longer automatically known and must be learned
    • A bunch of checks that were previously perk based are now purity based
    • Fixed camp masturbation
    • Increased duration of on-screen rectum/sphincter display
    • Lowered some attacks' damage
    • Reversal Attack replaced with Advance
    • Lowered Minotauress' stats
    • Fixed Golem dong display and Golem animation
    • Fixed Harpy/Werewolf dialog 
    • Fixed Total Semen Ingested values
    • Fixed feminization
    • Fixed a bug with paralyzation requirements
    • Fixed tutorial pop-up bug that would cause a tutorial pop-up to stay on the screen and be unclickable
    • In dual-enemy combat, skips an enemy's turn once it's defeated
    • Hover display on battle screen now disappears instantly
    • Fixed an issue that was suppressing enemy dialog - the old dialog should now be back
    • Fixed an issue that caused Hiro to lean like a smooth criminal
    • Fixed a softlock with the Feral Werewolf
    • Can no longer be penetrated by people without dongs/strap-ons (Helena go home you're drunk)
    • Fixed Dullahan encounter repeating dialog when you're a virgin
    • Changes received in encounters no longer replay when a hard save is re-loaded
    • Fixed slime portrait
    • Fixed Phantasmal Shield
    • Fixed Kylira virginity tag
    • Goblin fellatio now reflected in sex statistics and now properly requires a free phallus
    • Trudy power bottom scene now only possible with a free phallus
    • Resolution options now display better
    • Bunny flavors now display their text better
    • Fixed an issue with gaining EXP after battle (may have caused other issues that are now fixed as well)
    • Character no longer "moves through" tiles on the World Map after an event is triggered
    • Fire Elemental now has "Top" perk
    • Fixed Kylira's affection display
    • Changed font of armor display
    • Added Warlock Pronebone to Pervert screen
    • Fixed typos


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 665 MB
May 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 665 MB
May 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 657 MB
May 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 666 MB
May 01, 2019
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 632 MB
May 01, 2019
Changelog.txt 107 kB
May 01, 2019

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Excuse me, but is the cheat option erased? I downloaded the V and there is no cheat option in the Option section. Need a little help.

Can we get the jester on the main menu? I think im in love 😍

How do I add the update to the version I already have?

Just overwrite TalesOfAndrogyny.jar for the desktop versions.

Okay. I'll try. Some on the community forums said you drag the old save files from the toa folder to the new version each time one comes out.

It's a hard game but i wanna beat it at least once. I gotta get all this updates.

i'll suggest you to complete as many achievements as you can before trying to 'beat the game', because it will get a little bit easier. Not too much, but it does help.