New public build, v0.2.12.0!

New public build! This time we've got the Dark Knight, who has her own very sexy frottage/missionary art, and also is quite the firebrand in bed. 

Version: - "Dark Knight Rises" update

  • New content:
    • Added new Dark Knight encounter!
    • Added Dark Knight art and variants
    • Added Dark Knight CGs
    • Dark Knight has some new skills
    • New Ghost Anal art
    • Expanded Ghost Wedding scenes
    • New Brothel Madame face-sitting art
    • Enemy Drunk Combat Endings
      • Added New Intoxicate spell to facilitate
      • Added a Booze Bomb item as well
      • Four characters - Dullahan, Werewolf, Harpy, Orc
    • Added Trudy inn performance scene
    • Added Trudy inn sharing bottom mutual masturbation scene
    • Added Trudy inn topping blowjob scene
    • Added Trudy inn bottom blowjob scene
    • Added Kylira inn pure top scene
    • Added new Hiro oral art
      • Shows up in brothel, alleyway scenes, and elite harpy scene
      • Includes cheek-sex, sucking, mouth creampie, and surprise variants
    • New Werewolf defeat scene while wearing tail plug
    • New inn scenes with Trudy
      • If you stay in your room alone, Trudy may have some fun on his own (separate from the Urka scene)
      • You can watch or join in
      • When joining in, you have a few options
      • If you stay in the inn with Trudy, you have a few options to have him to yourself
    • New Hiro post-blowjob art
      • Can be found in a few places, like the Brigand encounter and alleyway blowjob scenes
      • Regular, messy, and Hiro cumming variants
    • New internal oral CG
    • New Jester scenes
      • Drunk combat ending
      • Scene if you have a usable cock
      • Scene if you don't have a usable cock
      • Defeat combat ending
      • Double anal scene
      • Handjob scene
      • Facial scene
  • Tweaks and bug fixes
    • Fixed softlock
    • Moved Dark Knight encounter to make it more convenient
    • Made the Dark Knight total virgin check only check back and front virginity
    • Fixed Dullahan scenes appearing in the wrong place on the Pervert screen
    • Fixed a few possible softlocks
    • Fixed Trudy requirement for Trudy inn scene
    • Fixed enemies not penetrating once they'd won a grapple
    • Fixed Werewolf tail plug scene not incrementing Bitch perk
    • Fixed achievement crash
    • Fixed crash due to asset mismatch
    • Fixed drunken jester ending
    • Fixed non-ironman achievements overwriting ironman achievements
    • Fixed typos


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 689 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 689 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 681 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 689 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 665 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Changelog.txt 109 kB
Jun 01, 2019
TalesOfAndrogyny.jar 656 MB
Jun 01, 2019

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The download shows that is 2.12, but in game menu it says 2.13, is this a bug? or an upload mistake? cos the 2.11 does show as 2.11 in game menu.

Yeah, that's an error, it is 2.12, not sure how it ended up with the wrong version number.


Hi, is there any way for me to download the older versions? 

thanks for the hard work yall

still no marriage options yet...

Nice! Been waiting this new update!