New public build, v0.1.22.0!

New public build!  The new encounter is the Elf Adventurer, and there's new art for Selkie the Goblin.  Next month's public build is going to have a lot of cool new features; check out our Changelog topic on the forum if you want a sneak peek, or check us out on Patreon to just grab it.  

This one's pretty massive because Maj, the dev, took some time off from work in July to make it happen.  

Changelog for this build:

Version: - "Wanderer" update

  • New features:

    • Companionship possible with both Trudy the adventurer and Kylira the elf - limited content right now, but Kylira offers healing
    • Can now open a scrollable log of encounter scripts since the beginning of the current encounter
    • Rewards and punishments in encounters will now display with miniature icons and are color-coded; this is true of the "mini-encounters" on the world map as well
    • A summary of rewards and punishments appears as a result screen at the end of an encounter, in case you skip through the text
    • Can now enter town if you leave it without having to move to another tile
    • Can now forage for food on the camping screen - foraging during the day is safer
    • Shops now restock a bit every 10 days
    • Can scroll shop inventories
    • Subtle, but there are now multiple zones - "difficult" encounters like the ogre only appear further from the starting location
    • Camping! Can rest, sleep, and chat with companions - more to come!
    • No longer have to deal with the annoying repeated stick encounter - can now move about somewhat freely on the world map!
    • World map encounters, finding rewards (gold, food, items) and traps
    • Scouting! Can scout ahead to warn of dangers and increase rewards and safety at the cost of time/food
    • Town screen and encounters in town now tint with the time of day
    • Time based encounters - Trudy the Adventurer now auto-encountered
    • Debt and prostitution implemented
    • Time now passes and the world map displays accordingly
    • Now displays the base stats and modifiers in stat checks
    • Can now use the arrow keys to select different options in encounter branches
    • Options that cannot be selected are greyed out - including stat-based options (like in the Goblin encounter)
    • Swallowing cum now feeds you a bit
  • New content:

    • Main menu screen is now animated, has got a bit of a makeover, including new art for the main character
    • Elf (Kylira)!  

      • Automatically encountered at the dawn of the third day
      • Can be met in the wild after that encounter
      • Can be invited to join as a companion (able to talk to them in the new Camp menu)
    • A hunger charm which reduces metabolic rate (how much food is used per tick!)
    • Basic Bank and Brothel (BBB) encounters in town

      • At the bank you can borrow money, but you'll be charged interest per day - right now the bank can't come to collect the interest, but they will soon!
      • At the brothel you can sign up to be one of the working girls - just don't overdo it!
    • Added "+1" superior weapons in skirmish mode
    • Item are now retrievable from certain events - including slime and a spider (items?!) - defeating the Spider encounter bestows a powerful weapon
  • Tweaks and bug fixes:

    • A bunch of quest-related checks are now invisible
    • Harpy animation fixes
    • Food hunger messages now a bit clearer
    • Bleed now heals with rest
    • Fixed issue with enemies not cumming ever in certain stances because their lust doesn't build
    • Can no longer violate the unicorn (you monster)
    • Choice options that cannot be selected are now properly greyed out and cannot be selected
    • Fixed an issue where black boxes appeared instead of certain graphics
    • Character portrait no longer persists between encounters
    • Goblin music now plays during goblin battle.


Tales of Androgyny Win64.rar 263 MB
Sep 02, 2017
Tales of Androgyny Win32.rar 263 MB
Sep 02, 2017
Tales of Androgyny Mac.rar 255 MB
Sep 02, 2017
Tales of Androgyny Linux.rar 264 MB
Sep 02, 2017
Tales-of-Androgyny.apk 212 MB
Sep 02, 2017

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good luck and good job, can't wait really excited for the full game <3 wish I could help in development. Best wishes.

Thanks!  :D